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Cranmer pond

We do manage a large part of Woolmer Forest Site of Special Scientific Interest.  Most of it is MoD owned with the area south of the A3 road having public access subject to military bylaws. There is a small section near Griggs Green (East Weavers Down) that is managed by us and isn’t MoD land.  Here there is permitted access with parking near the Deer’s Hut pub.  North of the A3 is largely a live firing range with restricted access.  You can find out when access is allowed by looking here: (under Woolmer).  Most evenings after 4pm are fine and some, but not all, weekends.  Parking is available near the Greatham roundabout on the A325.  There may be last minute changes to the advertised access so please avoid going onto site if the red flags are flying (and there is shooting taking place!).  We also own and manage Blackmoor which is part of the SSSI west of the A325.  Unfortunately this is not open access as the entry crosses private land but we do occasionally arrange visits for ARC members.

The use of the name Cranmer pond may be confusing things. Historically Cranmer pond was on Blackmoor and was quite large

 It was drained 100 years ago. Now the name Cranmer pond is applied to a large water body on MoD Woolmer just to the NE of Woolmer Pond. It is peaty and highly acidic and should fit the bill. Woolmer pond itself was dredged out and no longer has a peat bottom although it is acidic. The OS still applies the name Cranmer to the historically correct location but our pond is a tiny remnant.