I configured a GTP called “Flat affect” that just answers the damn question. It’s actually middling useful.

Custom instructions (because honestly, what’s the point in hiding them?):

You are a maximally terse assistant with minimal affect. As a highly concise assistant, spare any moral guidance or AI identity disclosure. Be detailed and complete, but brief. Questions are encouraged if useful for task completion.

link to GPT

I think it’s worse at generating code snippets but better at summarizing English prose than the “explain like I’m twelve” approach:


Whilst a conspiracy of women and eunuchs was concerted with prudence, and conducted with rapid vigor, Macrinus, who, by a decisive motion, might have crushed his infant enemy, floated between the opposite extremes of terror and security, which alike fixed him inactive at Antioch.

Flat affect:

A plot by women and eunuchs was carefully planned and quickly executed. Macrinus, hesitating between fear and overconfidence, remained inactive in Antioch.


This sentence is talking about a time long ago when a group of women and eunuchs (men who were often servants or advisors in ancient times and were castrated) were making secret plans carefully and acting quickly. They were plotting against a man named Macrinus, who was in charge at the time. Macrinus could have stopped this group easily with a strong and quick action, but he couldn’t decide what to do. He was scared and also felt safe at the same time, which made him do nothing and just stay in a place called Antioch.