That standardised test administered by the US military has some history. The idea was that folks who were below an 85IQ would be harder to train. During the Vietnam war they tried abandoning the requirement and the results were sad. It cost the military a lot more in remedial training, but the real tragedy is that these folks died at 3 times the rate of people who would have passed the test. They weren’t cut out to be sent to a war zone.


I think he just recontextualized Full Metal Jacket for me.

Incidentally, Vincent D’Onofrio is excellent in Daredevil and even better in Five Minutes Mr. Welles

I decided to start using ADRs on my rss-transform project. Since I’ve been working remotely, I’ve really learnt the value of writing stuff down, even if you’re the only person who will ever read it (this is why I started using Obsidian).

It’s a habit that leads to making better decisions in the moment1, being consistent in applying those decisions over time, and enhanced memory recall. It’s part RubberDucking, part note-taking.

My team at UCAS uses ADRs by another name, but if I’m going to do it I might as well start with a public standard, so I settled on adr-tools.

ADRs for rss-transform



  1. Boris Johnson got stick for writing two articles on Brexit and then picking a side, but it made perfect sense to me. There are so many better reasons to scorn Boris Johnson.