Building a minimal Deploy Obsidian to Netlify. Was planning to hack something together on top of Eleventy, but Quartz does exactly what I want out of the box. It saved me a lot of messing about; all I needed to do was write some Docker boilerplate. Just some theming to go, now.

Trying to figure out why some documents aren’t being picked up by Quartz. Coming over like a really weird caching issue - pages get updated, but javascript doesn’t. Or javascript does, but the copy in the browser is older than the copy on the filesystem. Things that haven’t helped so far:

  • Delete and rebuild docker container
  • Delete and rebuild generated content
  • Different browser (so not browser caching)
  • Confirmed updates to quartz.config.ts are being reflected in the container

TL;DR: Moved from release 4.0.8 to the HEAD of the v4 branch. This required manually grabbing new copies of quartz.config.ts and quartz.layout.ts. I’m going to have to watch for changes to those files as long as I’m not settled on a release tag.

Also fixed a couple of small errors in the console:

Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at ws://localhost:3001/.

[Plausible] Ignoring event because website is running locally

Mapped port 3001 in my Deploy Obsidian to Netlify. The --serve’d site now updates itself automatically, which is nice.

Set my analytics package to null in quartz.config.ts. There’s no point in analytics for this project.