John Pory (1572–1636) was an English politician, administrator, traveller and author of the Jacobean and Caroline eras; the skilled linguist may have been the first news correspondent in English-language journalism. As the first Speaker of the Virginia General Assembly, Pory established parliamentary procedures for that legislative body still in use today (although members now elect their Speaker).


I got interested in the letters of John Pory because he wrote about the gibbeting of John Felton at Portsmouth in a way that suggested the traditional location of the gibbet was incorrect.

To read the reference I had to buy a copy of John Pory, 1572-1636: the life and letters of a man of many parts by William S. Powell (ISBN 0807812706), because although the text of the book is available online, the microfiche that constitute the greater part of the book (and the transcripts of the letters) are not.

Anyway, since I had to get to a library with a fiche scanner anyway, I scanned the whole set. I tidied up the scans as best I could, OCR’d them, and wrapped the whole thing up in a PDF. I just hope I’ve helped somebody else who is interested in those letters.

titleJohn Pory, 1572-1636 : the life and letters of a man of many parts
authorPowell, William Stevens
publication date1977
publisherThe University of North Carolina Press
book isbn0807812706
microfiche isbn0807812714
microfiche pdf0807812714.pdf